Sensitive Kids Rock!

New session starting in APRIL 2019

Are you a parent of a "Sensitive Kid"? You must be, otherwise why are you here? I know why. You are here because you are looking for help for your family. Needing hope.

Do you feel exhausted from worrying about how your child will fit into a classroom, relationships and group activities? Doubt that anything can help your child learn how to cope with his sensitivities and thrive? These concerns can keep us as parents up at night, arguing with each other and overwhelmed. 

The biggest resource I can offer you is support. You are not alone and your intuition is RIGHT! Your child is not bad or wrong and should not be shamed for his/her ups and downs. There are solutions and tools that can provide new insight to the root of what keeps you and your child locked into these behavioral patterns, emotional outbursts (or shutdowns) and physical symptoms. 

In this day and age our "sensitive kids" are the future. If we can support them to grow with their sensitivities into confident adults, we have done the best we can for our families and our global community. As parents we want our children to be successful, know who they are, be able to navigate relations and make life decisions based on a solid foundation.

I can help by using natural, non invasive, game changing strategies! This is for you if you are not sure of what options you have left. I understand your frustration but with my support, you and your child can take quantum leaps towards the quality of life you desire! This is my passion and my life's work.

Listen to what Julie and her son Marc have accomplished since we started working together. I am so thrilled to be a part of their journey.



click right here to book a free discovery session with me and let's connect. 


In our discovery session, we will take 30min to get to know each other and discuss the strongest blocks in your child's life right now. I can tell you more of what I do and you can ask me questions about what results you can expect! If it is a good fit, we can take the next step on your child's path to a long and vibrant life! I want to help your child know his/her inner healer NOW, not later after many layers of experience have been piled on.

In September 2018, I will be launching my Sensitive Kids Rock Program for families with sensitive kids. This program is designed to provide life changing results for your child and launch a new perspective on what is possible for them. 

Don't hold back from fear or medical labels given to your child. There is hope! I have grown up as a sensitive child, I am parenting one now and have worked with many in my practice. You are in safe hands! My passion is to get results and liberate children ( aka humans) from suffering so they can create the life they want and deserve. 

Sensitive Kids Rock! Raising them does not have to feel like a burden or hopeless. Children that grow into confident adults are our FUTURE.