Congratulations on following the call from your inner healer!


I want you to experience what I know! Here's an overview of the work we will be doing together:

Our First Appointment:

  • Our first appointment will be about 2 hours and we can arrange to do this online or in person. During this time we will do a full intake of your physical, emotional, energetic symptoms, and medical history and environmental factors.
  • We will also conduct an initial Theta Healing treatment where we will clear any energy blocks to receiving and healing.
  • I will evaluate and choose an individually tailored Homeopathic remedy just for you.
  • I will prepare some day-to-day exercises to activate and align your inner healer, so you can integrate and work with this new awareness.
  • You will receive a remedy sheet, so you can refer to it and keep you on track for the duration of our work together.

Our Second Appointment:

  • We will review the individually tailored activation, discuss the remedies, what results we are to expect, how to use those remedies to maximum effectiveness.
  • We will discuss the communications received from your inner healer and how to best integrate them.
  • We will do our second Theta healing session where you will go deeper into your energy body and receiving healing from the Divine.
  • We will discuss your "health care team" and how to design it just for you based on curative results to speed up your pace on your path to a long and healthy life.

Over the next 3 Months:

  • We will meet again 2 times per month for 3 months to continue and evaluate the results, make any changes necessary to integrate the new health and vitality you are experiencing.
  • We will continue to do Theta healing sessions to clear and deepen you relationship with your inner healer.

Once you tap into your vital force and build a powerful relationship with your own inner healer you can tap into vibrant health and wellness! 

You will learn how to:

  • how to heal yourself with the powerful remedies and techniques I will provide
  • how to hear and respond to your inner healer
  • how to balance medical science and energy arts to assist you on your path to a long and vital life
  • how to step into your power and claim the life and results you deserve in all areas
  • how to rapidly increase your awareness, focus and overall life productivity

I have two other bonuses that are included with this package price! I get to tell you about them during our first appointment! Combined they equal $100 value!



Invest in your pATH TO A LONG AND VIbrant LIFE.



1-time payment of $697

Deposit to get started $195